April 2021 - Greek Mythology

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Location: Persephone's Abduction

  1. Each clue corresponds to two opposite words: one for when Persephone solved the puzzle in July and one for when she solved it in January.
  2. Fill out the two different crosswords - the words that are related to July are for “ABOVE” and the words that are related to January are for “BELOW.”
  3. Following the alphabetical indicators, the grayed-out letters can be put together to form the answer.
  4. The "ABOVE" answers are SUMMER, GROW, SPRING, FERTILE, and GREEN.
  5. The "BELOW" answers are WINTER, WITHER, AUTUMN, BARREN, and WHITE.

Eros's Arrows

  1. Each shape corresponds to one of the different operations.
  2. The operations should be performed on the person’s assigned speed-dating number to get the number of the person that they fell in love with.
  3. Connect all the dots. The letters that are not crossed out make the answer.
  4. The effects of the arrowheads are as follows: X=add letters, Square= /3, Triangle = *2, Heart= -2, Circle= -5.
  5. AMOUR

King Midas

  1. King Midas took the path with the words that contain AU, the periodic table's symbol for gold
  2. Take the first letters of his path to determine the next step.
  3. The remaining answers all have the periodic table's symbol for either silver (AG), copper (CU), or iron (FE).
  4. Take the first letters of the non-path answers to get the final clue.
  5. The path answers are sAUce, pAUper, AUtomatic, cAUse, exhAUsted, sAUerkrAUt, nAUghty, overhAUl, tAUt, inAUguration, nAUsea, pAUse, AUstralia, thesAUrus, hAUnted.
  6. The first letters of the path answers spell SPACES NOT IN PATH, hinting to look off-path for the next step.
  7. The non-path answers are forAGe, lasAGna, octAGon, wAGe, eAGer, rAGe, stAGe, world CUp, inCUbator, teaCUp, hairCUt, transFEr, half liFE, ofFEnd, reFEree, news FEed, saFE.
  8. The first letters of the non-path answers spell FLOWERS WITH THORNS
  9. ROSES

Pandora's Box

  1. All the words on the left contain the letters for “hope”
  2. The words on the right correspond to a word on the left, after removing the letters for hope and adding an additional letter.
  3. Read the extra letters in numerical order as shown on the left.
  5. The answers on the right are ASTRID, ASYLUM, BALL, DREAMS, GIANT, REAGAN, RULERS, and SPAR.

Theseus and the Minotaur

  1. Piece together the maze into a 3 by 3 grid. Paths will not dead-end on a seam.
  2. Vs will always be rotated in the correct orientation.
  3. The minotaur's square is located in the center of the maze.
  4. Theseus's square is located in the bottom left corner of the maze.
  5. Figure out the path that Theseus took to get to the Minotaur.
  6. Each square that Theseus walks through contains letters that correspond to a Roman numeral.
  7. Use the code sheet to figure out what letters the Roman numerals correspond to.

Meta: The Story of Echo

  1. Each answer to the word clues corresponds to one of the answers from the main set.
  2. Shift the final letters by the same amount as the gray letters were shifted. The shift tool helps do this quickly.
  3. The clue answers are ARMOR, NOSES, MELODIES, and LOCKSMITH.

Bonus: Perseus and Medusa

  1. Every single box around the 7 (excluding the one with the 4) contains a statue.
  2. Once you have all the statue locations, split the map into six 3x2 grids.
  3. Read each 3x2 section as a Braille character.